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Our Process


Any healthcare professional licensed by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure can be referred by a family member, colleague, patient hospital, employer, staff member, or by the board itself. Healthcare professionals may also self-refer.


We begin with an assessment, which can include office or off-site evaluations, drug and alcohol screening, or outside testing for medical, cognitive, or mental health issues, depending on the nature of the referral and severity of the issues that need to be addressed. 


Fortunately, many referrals require no further intervention after the initial assessment. However, if treatment is recommended, we will work with other treatment professionals to ensure the best possible outcome. This may include residential treatment, individual and/or group therapy, psychiatric medication management, education programs, or abstinence programs.


We are committed to making sure our participants are successful with their recovery, which is why we provide active and ongoing support post-treatment. Aftercare may include individual or group therapy, abstinence, drug screening, recovery meeting attendance, workplace monitoring, and/or any requirements mandated by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

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