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Worksite Reporting

Professional Accountability

A component of your contract with the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation is professional accountability, which is accomplished through interval communication between the Foundation and a contact at your worksite.

The professional accountability contact is usually chosen by either the participant or by their employer. An appropriate choice for this responsibility is someone that routinely observes you in the workplace setting. In order to ensure open and honest communication, your professional accountability contact should not be a family member, significant other or someone who is either a subordinate or an employee of the participant.

In the event that no appropriate supervisor is available in your immediate worksite, the Foundation may request professional accountability reports from agencies in which you hold active privileges.

Please provide Beth Bell, in the Foundation's office, all pertinent contact information for your professional accountability supervisor. This includes: full name and suffix, title, company, mailing address, phone number and email address. This information should be supplied to our office no later than two weeks (14 days) after you sign your contract package.

You must provide your professional accountability contact with a copy of the Professional Accountability Supervisor Q&A Form below and your signed contract

Hospital Privileges

The Foundation will send you an interval report regarding your compliance with our directives to any facility at which you hold active privileges. You will be expected to sign releases for these entities and notify the Foundation anytime you receive credentials at a new facility You will also be expected to provide this contact information to Beth Bell. 

For any questions regarding professional accountability reporting or advocacy letters, please contact Beth Bell at or (502) 425-7761.

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